Debt clocks of the EU Member States – comparison

Are you curious to find out what is the different debt percentage arround the different EU member states? Now you have access to real time clocks of the national debt and the budget surplus/deficit of the member countries of the European Union (EU) under the Maastricht Treaty in percent of GDP (debt to GDP ratio, surplus/deficit to GDP ratio). According to the Maastricht Treaty, the national debt should not exceed 60.0 percent of GDP and the deficit should not exceed 3.0 percent of GDP.

You can find the information you need here:


One thought on “Debt clocks of the EU Member States – comparison

  1. Richard Jack says:

    This shows that the UK is not in the greatest position as we move away from our EU partners because of the Brexit decision … Our National Debt exceeds the 60% of GDP figure by 29% and our deficit figure is -3.37%.

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