E-Course goes live!


Mod1 RO Mod3 germanThe FLY e-course is now available online in all the partner languages with direct links to the language of your choice from the E-COURSE section of this website. Once there you are able to decide which of the three modules is most relevant to you. The modules are designed to meet the requirements of our three main target groups, students in the secondary school age range, those at University level and finally members of the general public.

Mod 1 screenMod 3 screen

The content for each module is  different, although there is some overlap in the financial material covered, and there is no reason why you cannot work through any of the three modules which take your interest.

Mod 2 screenMod1 german

The tasks which appear from time to time throughout the Units of the e-course are there to help you to test your own understanding and the results are for you alone to see. At the end of each module there is an opportunity for you to take a quick test and submit your answers for marking and certification if you wish.


We hope you enjoy the e-course – please feel free to comment here!

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