February, 2015


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Valero (Coordinator)

Logo Kongrespark

Valero s.r.o. is a private provider of educational and training services founded in 2008. During its short history, Valero managed to build a very positive reputation and a long list of content public and private clients.

Operating in the field of adult education and training since 2008, Valero s.r.o. gained an excellent portfolio of experience and professional expertise. Valero s.r.o. has been specialising in providing up-skilling and capacity building training programmes for staff in education, event management, tourism or catering. Focusing especially on general and vocational skills and competencies of workers, Valero s.r.o. has been appreciated by its clients for its flexibility and ability to tailor the services delivered to the specific needs of each customer.

Licensed under the Lifelong Learning of Workers in Education, Valero s.r.o. covers in its activities the fields of IT skills, the syndrome of burnout effect, stress management, management of crisis situations in education, etc. Within this licensed programme, Valero has been delivering trainings to staff in education focalising especially on teachers in primary schools.

Apart from training for staff in education, Valero possesses a long list of training and educational lifelong courses offered to general public. This list includes trainings in IT skills, financial literacy, financial management, entrepreneurship skills, legal consulting or soft skills.

The target group of Valero is wide, including professionals from various fields, adults, employees and unemployed. An extensive network of trainers and experts of which Valero disposes enables the company to deliver high quality services.

Valero acts as a designated coordinator of the project FLY.

Contact info:

Zina Kaštovská – Project Manager
Valero, s. r. o.
Kubelíkova 1224/42
130 00 Praha, Žižkov
phone: +420 226 807 037
e-mail: kastovska@kongrespark.cz

Crystal plain logo

Crystal Presentations Ltd is a highly creative Digital Agency /SME based in the UK Midlands with a track record in education and training dating back to our inception in 1982 both in the UK and in Europe.

We have extensive experience of EU-funded projects and we have recently completed a project with close links to the FLY project called DEBTLESS. (www.debtless.eu)  The project aimed to provide the support, guidance and advice to help people avoid the situations which can lead to a downward spiral of debt. Where people are already in debt we helped them to reduce their level of debt or ideally become debtless.

Our award winning websites, platforms, products and E-Learning materials are used in educational establishments and workplaces throughout the UK at all levels from Primary school pupils to adults and we are bringing this experience and expertise to bear within the FLY Project.

As technology partners our role in the FLY project is:

  • project brand development – including logos
  • professional design services for all project documentation, outputs, dissemination, promotion and reporting
  • Project website development – design, build, hosting, maintenance and reporting
  • Project blog – to allow two way discussion of relevant financial literacy topics
  • Project newsletters design and setting and E-newsletters
  • Development of the E-course at all three levels: Secondary, Higher Education and Adults

Crystal’s technological solution will allow knowledge and ideas sharing, discussion and liaison. This is an aspect which is crucial to the project’s success as it offers opportunities for the target groups and the partners to communicate effectively together.

Contact details:

Richard Jack – Senior Project Manager
Crystal Presentations Ltd
The Coffin Works
Fleet Street
B3 1JP

E      fly@wearecrystal.uk
T      00441213805685
W     www.wearecrystal.uk




Due to unforeseen issues, our Italian partner withdrew from the FLY Project in October 2015. Although the Italian language version of the e-course is not available, it is still possible for all EU residents to access any of the five language versions (English, Czech, Romanian, German and Bulgarian) which have been developed, assuming they have the necessary language skills.

Tk Formazione Srl is a vocational training and adult education agency operating at national and European level since 1992 on tailored courses, thematic seminars, and vocational training programmes addressed to individuals and teams of employers/employees in organizations, public sector and private companies in the areas of:

  • Education and training
  • Human resource management
  • Project management
  • Marketing, Communication, Business organization
  • Intercultural communication and global understanding
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Coaching
  • International projects and mobility/internship.


Johannes Kepler University (JKU)


JKU (Johannes Kepler University) is an Upper Austrian university with a blend of technical and socio-economical curricula and strong connections to regional and international industry partners. The Department of Business Information Systems – Communications Engineering is an interdisciplinary department situated on the border between technical and social sciences as well as economics. It does research on socio-technical instruments to support learning and skill development processes in higher education and in organizations. Foci of research are support for understanding and improving work-processes by the working actors themselves and on examining and supporting learning processes on an educational and organizational level. A number of nationally and industry-funded projects with a focusing on practical application of fundamental research on learning support and knowledge management technology completes the portfolio. The department additionally is the host of a part-time master’s programme on applied knowledge management.

Contact details:
Dr. Christian Stary: Christian.stary@jku.at
Mag. Maria Mitterhauser: maria.mitterhauser@jku.at

Website: http://www.ce.jku.at/de


Bulgarian Development Agency (BDA) is a non-profit association undertaking activities for public benefit, established in Sofia, Bulgaria. The association aims to contribute to the regional development as well as to promote the democratic and integration processes in the context of Knowledge society. It is to be achieved through elaboration, localisation and transfer of innovative training and education products, materials and methodologies; analysis, transfer and dissemination of best practices; establishment and promotion of centres of excellence, establishment and popularisation of VET networks; contribution to the process of elaboration of and EQAVET, promotion of EQF and validation of non-formal and informal learning in VET.

Contact details:
E-mail: info@bg-da.eu
Website: http://www.bg-da.eu
Dr. Simeon Toptchiyski: simeon.toptchiyski@gmail.com

POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest (UPB)

Logo UPB

POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest (UPB), founded in 1818, is now the largest technical university of Romania, with about 23000 students, 3300 full time staff, 1800 part-time faculty and 900 postgraduate students. POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest is a renowned research university. Research programmes envisage fundamental research, but also applied research. The research is carried-out through national and international frameworks. Research contributes with about half of POLITEHNICA’s income.

The Centre for Advanced Technologies (CTANM) is a research and training unit with financial and functional autonomy inside UPB, established in 1996, acting for defining and implementing both b-Learning current internal procedures and university’s LLL far-future development strategy. The CTANM’s funding is mainly realised through research and training contracts, with Romanian or foreign beneficiaries, by national, European or international projects. CTANM has an experience of more than 50 successful European projects developed within the framework of programmes Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus, FP6, etc. Many of them were aimed to the development of vocational training of different category of staff: high school teachers, public servants, foreign language trainers, tourism management staff, human resource staff, operators from wastewater treatment plants, teleworkers, disadvantaged job seekers, etc. It is obvious that CTANM has the expertise and the capability to adapt to the needs and specificity of different sectors of vocational training. CTANM has a highly trained team of experts in didactics and e-learning. Three members of the team are certified net-trainers of Sheffield University (UK).

Contact details:

Dr. Andrei DUMITRESCU: andrei.dumitrescu@upb.ro
Dr. Tom SAVU: savu@ctanm.upb.ro
Website: http://www.ctanm.pub.ro/