UK spending January / February 2016

This information is available on a month on month basis in the UK through ‘The Money Charity’. 
  • During January 2016 an average of 394 purchases were made in the UK every second using debit and credit cards
  • LV’s ‘Cost of a Child’ report estimates that parents now spend a record £231,843 on raising a child to their 21st birthday – £30.23 a day.
  • In Q3 2015, households in the UK spent £103.26m a day on water, electricity and gas – £3.78 per household per day.
  • In January 2015 the average price of unleaded petrol fell by 2.15ppl (pence per litre) to 102.23ppl.

Some other interesting statistics include:

4.2%: The household savings rate in 2015 – the lowest since records began in 1963

34 million plastic card purchase transactions were made every day in January 2015, with a total value of £1.57 billion.

8.4m cash machine transactions were made every day in February with a value of £334m.

For new loans, the average mortgage Interest rate was 2.5%. This means new mortgages would attract  an average of £3,764 in interest over the year.


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